Planning a Vegetarian or a Vegan Wedding?

If you are a vegan or a vegetarian and your friends and family members are not, chances are you have always had problems explaining them why you do not eat eggs, meat etc. This problem gets even worse if you are getting married and organizing a vegetarian or a vegan wedding. Even though you have strong beliefs, you surely want your beloved to feel nice and to enjoy your special day, so you should try provide tasty veg meals and desserts. Nowadays, you can order a catering food station of any kind that comes with an experienced chef, uniformed staff, all the food, cooking equipment, dishes, napkins and table covers. This is especially convenient if you are organizing outdoors wedding ceremony, whether in the woods or on the beach.

What about the wedding cake? It is possible that there are vegan bakeries or pastry chefs nearby your area that can make organic, vegan, gluten- or sugar-free wedding cake of your dreams, plus your invitees will also be delighted. In case you do not find the specialized veg bakery, there are still some options. Perhaps you should check with all veg restaurants in your neighborhood, because they might be willing to do a special order. Most health food shops that are locally-owned are happy to create a special-order wedding cake for their clients and customers. In case everything else fails, try explaining your conventional pastry chef your special dietary needs and the reasons why you want your wedding cake to be vegan, organic or vegetarian. Even if they cannot help you, they might recommend you some pastry experts who can.

Non-vegetarians might think this is too complicated, but being a vegan or a vegetarian you meet all those problems everyday. So, we are sure you will organize and manage the wedding of your dreams and that your guests will not even recognize delicious meals and desserts they eat are actually healthy veg dishes.