4 Excellent Tips to Start Using Organic Foods

It’s easy for a health enthusiast to get obsessed with organic food because currently it’s the healthiest food choice available. This makes sense because organic food is grown without using synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides or herbicides, and organically grown animals and birds are fed natural foods and are given more freedom to move around so that they can attain the best natural growth. If you wish to start eating organic food but are confused regarding where to start, here are a few tips.

1. Visit Your Local Farmers Markets

Do you visit farmers markets to buy produce or you are a fan of malls? If you regularly visit malls or supermarkets for buying grocery, thinking that the produce available there is clean, pure and without a human touch, think again! Your definition of purity may change if you start visiting your local farmers markets. You have a high chance to get organic food at these markets since it is grown locally with no synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. You can even make sure that the food is organic by asking questions to the growers regarding how they grow the food.

Farmers Market

2. Buy in Bulk from the Local Farmers

What do you mean buy “in bulk”? For a grass-fed beef, you can buy a quarter side of beef. This is a quarter of a side of a grass-fed cow from which you can get around 40-50 lbs. of ground beef, 6-7 T-bones, 10-15 Roasts, 6 Porterhouses, 7 Round Steaks, 8 Rib Eyes, 10 Sirloins, Short Ribs and Soup Bones if you want. You can even buy organic chickens from your local farmers. You’ll get it at much lower price than at your grocery store or supermarket.

You can even get organic products online. For example, an easy way to know about your nearby organic food producers is websites like Organic Providers.

organically grown animals

3. Buy During Season

There may be a significant variation in the prices of organic foods depending on when you buy it. Even there may be a variation in the flavor of the foods according to the season. The strawberries you buy during spring are much cheaper and more flavorful than those you buy during winter months. By shopping during the season, you can save a lot of money. Plus, you can bring a variation to your dishes by adding ingredients that are available in that particular season, as the seasonal ingredients can make the dishes tastier.

4. Go Slow

You don’t need to bring a sudden drastic change to your shopping and eating habits. It’s because if at a certain time, you don’t get organic foods, you may get frustrated and even totally deterred from going organic. So, start slowly till you inculcate the habit of shopping only organic foods.

All the best and happy health!