4 Rules to Follow to Follow Keto Diet Easily

If you are planning to follow keto diet but are wondering how to do that because you think that the diet is difficult, understand that with a bit of creativity, you can actually easily change your old habits with the new and healthier ones. Here are a few tips that will make your keto diet mission easy.

1. Buy a Food Scale

While you can get healthy and tasty keto meals delivered at your doorsteps by services like https://ketomealdelivery.com, you on your own can become more conscious about whether the foods that you eat are keto-friendly or not. And for this, you’ll need a food scale. A food scale helps you to bring accuracy in what you are putting in your body which is very essential. This way you can track your carbs and count calories on a regular basis and monitor exactly how much you are consuming.

Most people are in a habit of measuring the quantity of food they consume by “eyeballing” it out, which is known to get people in trouble. A spoonful of peanut butter can end up being nearly 2 tablespoons worth or a 6oz portion of ground beef can really turn out to be 9oz. Why do you want to take a risk? Just go and buy a food scale!

Keto Diet

2. Healthier Carbohydrate Alternatives

If you are fond of foods that are high in carbohydrates, you can find healthier alternatives for them. For example, if you love noodles, choose shirataki noodles which are extremely low in carbohydrates and thus very keto-friendly because they are made from an Asian yam. Just be careful about the brand you purchase as some have a very gummy texture. If you look around, you can get many keto-friendly alternatives which you can eat to satisfy your carb cravings.

Consuming nutrient-loaded carbohydrate sources like non-starchy vegetables and small quantities of low-glycemic fruits like lime, lemon and/or a small handful of berries in a protein shake is a good idea.

berries in a protein shake

When you cycle out ketosis once in a week, you’ll have to increases your carb intake on a specific day by consuming nutrient-rich carbohydrate sources such as a sweet potato with a lot of grass-fed butter and cinnamon. On low-carb days, you should avoid sweet potato and also keep berries low to a small handful at the most.

On high-carb days you can choose 1-2 servings of starchy vegetables such as sweet potato, yam, beet, pumpkin, carrot etc. and let yourself go up to 80gm of net carbs.

If you choose to order a keto meal from a service like ketomealdelivery.com you even don’t have to keep thinking about which carbs to choose and how much as they take care of everything.

3. Irregular Fasting

Irregular fasting is one of the best ways to enter and maintain ketosis since you reduce calories and don’t take in carbs or proteins. A good idea is to go low-carb at least for a few days before beginning this so as to avoid hypoglycemic episode. It’s recommended to divide your day into a building phase and a cleansing phase.

Building Phase: Time from your first meal to your last meal

Cleansing Phase: Time from your last meal to your first meal

Keto diet experts recommend 12-16 hours of cleansing phases and 8-12 hours of building phases. Over time, as you are adapted to this, you can move into a 4-6 hours of building phase with 18-20 hours of cleansing phase every day. If you achieve this effectively, you can easily maintain your ketosis.

However, keep in mind to keep yourself well-hydrated during the fast by consuming organic coffee and herbal teas with coconut oil, MCT oil and/or grass-fed butter.

herbal tea

4. Use MCT Oil as Far as Possible

High-quality medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil is probably the most essential thing you can do to enter and maintain ketosis since using high MCT oil based diet lets you consume more protein/carbs and maintain ketosis.

Follow these rules and following keto diet will be a breeze for you and you can easily enjoy a healthy body and life.