Blood Type Diet – A New Way to Health with Food

Have you heard of blood type diet? Well, the basic idea of blood type diet is that your blood is the determinant of the diseases your body can suffer. But if you plan your diet according to your blood, you can stay healthy always.

According to Dr. Mozzi food works better than any other medicine and if we take food according to our blood type, we won’t have to take any other medicine. The food itself can heal chronic disorders. As such, every doctor recommends a particular diet for diseases like hypertension, diabetes or even high fever etc. But the suggestions by Dr. Mozzi are more accurate as he has had defined a list of good and bad foods based on blood types.

Dr. Mozzi also defines some guidelines for all, regardless of blood type. According to him:

  • Dairy products should be minimized from the diet because they cause joint pain
  • So also, gluten should be minimized because it gives rise to gut inflammation
  • A glassful of lukewarm water and lemon in the morning is advisable for everyone because citrate in lemon maintains the right pH balance in the intestine.

But reading this, are you wondering how to prepare foods that can be suitable to your blood type? Well, here’s the good news. Alessio and Diana, i.e. D&A create video recipes for the Blood Type Diet. Thus with D&A – Videoricette per i Gruppi Sanguigni (D&A – Video for Blood Groups), you will not only get various ideas about blood type diet, but also can see how various tasty dishes can be made.

They make every video recipes on Wednesdays and go live on Sundays. What’s more, they do live stream cooking lessons too. So, with them you can easily learn cooking for blood type diet.

They have also launched their first cookbook in September 2017 of which more than 2500 copies have been sold. And they are now preparing for their second cookbook.

D&A - Videoricette per i Gruppi Sanguigni

Here is more information on various types of foods people of every blood group can consume.

O Blood Group

For people of blood group O, carbohydrates, gluten, not even corn and potatoes are strict no-no. You should also cut white and red beans, lentils, black olives and peanuts. You should also stay away from coffee. So, what can you eat? You can eat pumpkin seeds, walnuts, oily fish, seafood, algae, liver and sea salt. You can also eat pumpkins and Savoy cabbage and also bresaola, a cured meat that Dr. Mozzi highly supports and eats at breakfast, since he too is a O blood group person. O blood group people have a better ability to digest meat but still they should avoid pork.

A Blood Group

Dairy products are strict no-no for A blood group people. You shouldn’t even eat ice cream. It’s also recommended to stay away from solanaceae, i.e. tomatoes, potatoes and aubergines. They should also avoid eating red meat excessively and should turn to fish, turkey and chicken instead.

B Blood Group

Stay away from aphrodisiac oysters, shellfish and lentils; so also, don’t overeat corn, wheat and buckwheat. Instead you should eat eggs, dairy products, vegetables and meat. You have fewer restrictions on dairy products but you should prefer goat cheese and avoid fermented cheese. You should also cut down artichokes, radishes and white meat. Instead prefer beets, cabbages, beans, leafy greens, carrots, broccoli and peppers.

AB Blood Group

AB blood group people should avoid butter and meat and turn to white meats like rabbit and turkey. You should take the first course of meals containing rice with beans and peas and should consume coffee after meals. For these people, all fruits are good except dried ones. Other foods recommended are vegetables, bean curd, algae, dairy products and fish. Also you should prefer garlic to onion.

So, now you have health in your hand with blood type diet. Watch the D&A – Videoricette per i Gruppi Sanguigni, videos by D&A, prepare the most suitable food to you and enjoy great health always!

D&A - Videoricette per i Gruppi Sanguigni