Siberian Kiwi Buckwheat – A New Healthy and Tasty Grain for Health Conscious Foodies

If you are looking for a tasty and healthy food that can make you feel full and satisfied along with offering almost all the healthy nutrients, Siberian buckwheat is definitely something you should try.

Well, you may think that it’s not a very common grain and may be difficult to obtain. However, there are certain companies such as Siberian Kiwi who are keen about providing organic, nutritious Siberian Kiwi buckwheat to Russian nationals living in foreign countries and also introducing this healthy and delicious grain to foodies from other countries.

It’s interesting to check the outstanding health benefits of Siberian Kiwi buckwheat. The main benefit all health-enthusiasts may find interesting is that though this grain is named buckwheat, it’s different from wheat in that it’s gluten-free. Here are a few more.


Buckwheat is rich in antioxidants. The antioxidant minerals such as manganese, selenium and copper are present in big amounts in buckwheat. These minerals fight free radicals and support cellular function by protecting DNA and preventing inflammation, the predecessor of almost all chronic diseases.

Buckwheat is also a rich source of important B vitamins like B2, B3, B5 and B9. These are important for the health of brain and central nervous system. Vegetarian and vegan diet usually lacks in B vitamins. In that case, buckwheat can act as a great source of vitamin B for vegetarians and vegans.

Siberian buckwheat

Stabilizes Blood Sugar

The protein characteristics of buckwheat contribute to its ability to drop and stabilize blood sugar levels after meals. This is important for the prevention of obesity and diabetes. Buckwheat also has a low glycemic index. This means that the carbohydrates present in buckwheat are absorbed in blood at a slow rate, providing sustainable energy as well as satiety.

Healthy for Heart

Buckwheat is loaded with heart-healthy minerals such as magnesium. Magnesium is very important for heart and heart is an organ that requires magnesium the most. If your body gets inadequate amount of magnesium, your heart simply won’t function properly, and you may suffer from diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease and heart failure.

Buckwheat also provides one more compound that is essential for heart – it’s named rutin. This is a bioflavonoid having potent antioxidant properties and has long been an aid for promoting blood circulation. Rutin is also believed to strengthen blood vessels and increase their flexibility. Research has found that rutin can inhibit the formation of blood clots and thereby lowers the risk of life threatening conditions like heart attacks and stroke.

Siberian Kiwi provides 100% organic, homegrown buckwheat directly from the producers to health conscious foodies. Their products are certified for authenticity and are pocket-friendly.

So, when are you going to enjoy Siberian Kiwi buckwheat and its amazing health benefits?