Affordable Restaurant Design Tricks

restaurant decor open printsWhen it comes to a restaurant concept or design, sometimes less is more. If you’re opening a new restaurant or you’re re-decorating the existing one, there are so many inexpensive design tricks that you can get away with. We’ve asked professionals from Open Prints, custom printing service to give us some fresh and creative ideas making a welcoming dining space without ending in the red. Here’s what we have for you!

Skip Linen Tablecloths – Although linens are perfect for weddings, banquets and similar catered events, using them can turn to be quite costly. Regular replacement, pressing and cleaning costs add up so quickly. In addition, linen tablecloths might send the wrong message to potential clients, because they look too expensive or too fancy for a standard budget. Nobody wants to dine somewhere they don’t feel comfortable, so they’ll move on to a more cozy place. If you cannot skip linens, instead of a full service, use only linen napkins; although they add a sense of formality, they don’t overdo it. Linen napkins are easy to wash and dry in-house, therefore you’ll save on cleaning bills. Paper tablecloths are also popular these days; you can print anything you like and kids can color on while waiting for their dinner to be served.

Hang Canvas Prints – Inexpensive, yet an elegant way to decorate your walls are canvas prints. Choose images that will match your restaurant’s theme and colors for the best results.

Opt for Casual Dress Code for Staff – Your staff’s uniforms are also a part of your restaurant concept and design, so it’s important to choose them wisely. The cheapest option is, of course, no uniform at all, but we don’t think it’s a good idea. A server in a customized t-shirt and (his own) jeans is a better (and still quite affordable) option. You can opt for button down shirts with embroidered logos, but try not to choose the ones that look too formal and, by all means, skip the tie.