Chicagoans, Let Your Palate Enjoy Canadian Flavors!

The foodies of Chicago should be delighted to have a chance of relishing authentic Canadian dishes. And they are going to get them at Northern Lights Deli! At Northern Lights Deli, Chicagoans can have their beloved Canadian dishes like Gourmet Poutine Fries, Montreal Smoked Meat and the special homemade Maple Moose Balls (doughnuts)!

Chicago has been a city of foodies since long. Mountie Moose, the Chief Deliciousness Officer of Northern Lights Deli and his colleagues are aimed at providing a Canadian-style deli to Chicago-residents, to overload their taste buds with these delicious and authentic dishes.

Gourmet Poutine Fries

Poutine is a very special Canadian fast food made with cheese curds and French fries and topped with brownish gravy. You can get it throughout Canada and even in some places in the US; however, mostly it is considered rare in rest of the places. Though it is a fast food, it is hearty. You can imagine yourself eating the piping hot poutine at Northern Lights Deli at late night or wee hours (or at any hour, for that matter, whenever you feel like filling your belly with something fresh and tasty) with the steaming gravy and sizzling fries melting the cheese gently, as you go deep down the bowl!

Montreal Smoked Meat

Another mouthwatering Northern Lights Deli delight, Montreal Smoked Meat, should be your first choice to get some flavorful proteins. This kosher-style classic is prepared with salted and spiced beef briskets. All the flavor of spices is soaked inside the beef and then the beef it hot smoked and then steamed; imagine the taste you will experience!

These are only two Northern Lights Deli delicacies; there are many more, including but not limited to Homemade Fudge, Maple Fudge Doughnuts, Salads, Fish Cakes and many more!

Northern Lights Deli can also come to your event, birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs, weddings, house parties or corporate events. You just have to let them know the date and discuss with them what you would like to have on the event, and they will take care of the rest. You and your guests will absolutely enjoy the party.

Go through their website to know more about their other services.

Let your palate enjoy Canadian flavors with Northern Lights Deli!

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