Customized Baked Goodies with an Authentically Classy Taste

You are living in Singapore and you wish to taste authentic European or American cake! Is it possible? You may say, “No”. But I say “yes”! Bloomsbury Bakers is a place where you can enjoy real European/American cakes prepared by two friends who are passionate for baking. Today this shop is famous for Singapore birthday cakes customizing and you can have a cake made in your style, with the classic taste, without having to travel all the way to Europe or America, but in Singapore itself.

The founders of Bloomsbury Bakers are two friends who met in a London’s French culinary school and decided to start a business together; so, they started a new bakery in Singapore and today offer you all-time favorite American delicacies as well as French culinary specialties.

Avengers2 birthday cake

Bloomsbury Bakers have a real passion for baking pretty-looking and delicious goodies to pamper their customers’ taste buds. They offer customized dessert tables, birthday cakes, tarts and more. What’s more, you can also enjoy the treats right at their facility where they offer a quaint, charming sit-down place.

Customized Cakes

On your birthdays, anniversaries or any other occasions you prefer something unique that will reflect your personality. You can achieve it in your decoration and other components of your party. But, what about the cake? Do you get your cake just as you want? You are not sure, right? But at Bloomsbury Bakers, you are sure to get a perfectly customized cake which will not only amaze you but also your guests. Take a look at the pictures given in this article and on their website and you will keep licking your lips. Their work is so fine! Look at the shapes of the cakes, they are so finely finished. And the colors – they are so bright! Every component of the cake is superbly created, whether it is a caterpillar, a frog, a landscape, a cup and saucer, aliens, or just anything! They are just marvelous to the extent that we don’t feel like eating them but just keep watching them!

Hungry Caterpillar

So, if you are a Singaporean wishing to taste an authentic cake, your wish has come true. Visit Bloomsbury Bakers and enjoy the authentic flavors to your heart’s content!

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