Daniel’s Bistro – A Perfect Dining Experience for Tourists as well as Locals

Birmingham, a fully energetic British city, a picture full of colors of art, culture and economy, is also a great place for foodies. It has a library nominated for the RIBA Stirling Prize, the inspiring “City of Colours” festival of street-art and a treasure of incredibly events and projects going on around the city, all of which represent everything that is great about Birmingham. But a truly amazing feature of the city is its colorful restaurant scene. This authentic tourist destination has food at its core and one of the major places you can’t afford to miss is Daniel’s Bistro!

Daniel’s Bistro (www.danielsbistro.co.uk/) is set in the bustling area of Moseley in Birmingham and has a power to delight foodies with an exciting menu of home-cooked, fresh foods and beverages.


If you prefer spaciousness in a restaurant, so that you can have the much desired relaxation, Daniel’s Bistro is the place you should be in. It has plenty of comfortable seating arrangement.

Modern and Welcoming

Rustic eateries are sometimes appealing when we are looking for something offbeat, but they display frugality quite often. Daniel’s Bistro is modern and still extremely welcoming. Staff is friendly and delighted to welcome you. Whether you reach there with a large group to celebrate a special day or just two of you for a romantic dinner or even alone to spend some quiet moments pondering upon something serious, you are greeted with the same warmth at Daniel’s Bistro where there is something for everyone.

Creative Chefs

The talented and creative chefs of Daniel’s Bistro make classic dishes with an added creative flair. They combine popular flavours with new ideas and create an exclusive menu.

Daniel's Bistro dish

Wide-ranging Menu for Every Taste

The menu of Daniel’s Bistro is quite wide-ranging and you will get just everything from scrumptious bites and light nibbles to hearty multiple course meals.

The speciality of the restaurant is the food made from fresh ingredients that taste great. From beautifully prepared steak and chips to perfectly cooked seafood, their menu contains several flavourful punches.

Daniel’s Bistro is a perfect place for authentic European dishes.

Some of the mouthwatering entries on Daniel’s Bistro’s menu are rich starters like black pudding with chorizo, poached egg and potato, sweet chilli king prawns accompanied by asparagus salad, and confit of Gressingham duck coupled with pineapple sauce.

You will find the combination of classic with creative in the form of slow-cooked pork shoulder with honey, pancetta and ginger sauce, Scottish beef blade with mushrooms, Madeira and caramalised onions, or pan-fried marine bass fillet paired with coconut almond sauce and baby spinach.

Or you have another fantastic option of trying one of the steak cuts of Daniel, all from scotch beef aged for 28 days and served with homemade chips and a plethora of sauces.

If you are on a diet, keep it aside for the moments you will spend in this restaurant for their fabulous desserts, like stewed rhubarb and passion fruit pack, pistachio and apricot tart and peanut butter cheesecake paired with caramel ice cream.

Daniel's Bistro desserts

Clean and Tidy Presentation

If you give equal importance to presentation as to the taste of the dishes, you will never have to be disappointed at Daniel’s Bistro, as their presentation is clean, tidy and appetizing.

Whether you are a tourist or local, Daniel’s Bistro is a perfect place for you to start an evening or night out or a relaxed lunch in Birmingham. Visit www.danielsbistro.co.uk/ for more exciting information.