Island Canteen – Enjoy One of the Most Flavorful Experiences of Your Life

Condiments have always been an important ingredient in various cultures across the planet, though by definition, they are side dishes. Condiments are mainly made of spices, oil and salt and sometimes even sugar, no wonder they offer a great tang to the mains. A clever use of various spices can create a great condiment and for this, a creative mind is required.

One such creative mind is of Jerk who is passionate not only about food but also for providing others with the cuisine of the highest quality and exceptional service. Along with preparing exquisite menus of all types of food at his Island Canteen, an outstanding restaurant in Norfolk, VA, he also creates some mouthwatering condiments and seasonings. Here are some.

Dry Rub Seasoning: Dry Rub seasoning is classic versatile combination of spices, perfect for rubbing on meats before grilling to create an extraordinarily tasty dish. Use it on pork, chicken and even brisket.

Pineapple Chutney: Jerk’s Pineapple Chutney is a perfect condiment to add to the flavor of fish or chicken. Keep in the refrigerator and use it whenever you are late and no time to prepare any elaborately tasty dish. This ready chutney will spice up your simple, quick meal.

Jerk Sauce: Jerk Sauce is a perfect example of tropical flavors and is inspired by the extremely tasty Jamaican sauce; however, the hotness of the Jamaican sauce has been softened in Jerk Sauce by adding aromatic ingredients and a tinge of sweetness, which makes Jerk Sauce unique.

Sweet Onion Chutney: A great topping for grilled meats, cheeses and sandwiches, Sweet Onion Chutney has been made by caramelizing onions with cinnamon and rosemary, which offer a perfectly balanced flavor and a nice finish.

Jerk’s Island Cuisine

Jerk loves to serve tasty dishes in his restaurant which include appetizers like Pepper Roti, Trini Doubles and Sweetcorn Fritters, entrees like Pulled Chicken Bun, Spiced Goat Wrap and Pulled Pork Bun, and burgers like Street Burger, Lamb Burger and Goat Burger, and various types of salads, and many more.

But the special flavors of dishes are not created only because of the use of exclusive spices and tangy rubs, but more due to the unique way Jerk grills and smokes them to perfection which makes the juices in the meat get locked in and the skin becomes spicy and crisp. Not to mention the very special unmatched flavor of smoke.

Visit Island Canteen to enjoy one of the most flavorful experiences of your life and also bring home Jerk’s tasty products to spice up your own kitchen!