7 Prominent Reasons Why You Should Use Nicer Dicer

Slicing and dicing is one of the most important cooking tasks. Neatly sliced pieces of foods of equal sizes look pleasing and appetizing. When food is made it should not only be tasty, but should look beautiful too so as to tempt people to eat it. The food should create a feeling in the onlookers that it is good to eat. One tool can help you in creating such neat, superb-looking slices of whichever food you want, including vegetables, fruits or eggs. This is Nicer Dicer!

Here are some prominent reasons why you should use Nicer Dicer.

1. Slices Look Professional

With slices cut with Nicer Dicer, no one can recognize that you’ve made them on your own in your kitchen. They look so professionally cut! They are neat and equally sized.

 Slices Look Professional with Nicer Dicer

2. Versatile

Nicer Dicer comes with 3 types of blades which offer you 4 unique ways to slice or cut. So, whichever shape you want, you can get it with this slicer.

Plus it comes with a range of add-on gadgets which provide still more versatility and ease to your cooking that it will be fun to cook.

3. Saves Time

When you are short of time and have to cook food which should be delicious and neat, Nicer Dicer is a very handy tool that does your job of slicing within a few seconds.

It works ten times faster than a knife due to its super sharp stainless steel blades. Also you can slice foods straight into pans, bowls or even onto your plate. No need to slice in a different pan and then transfer the slices into another cooking utensil. So, here too you save time.

Nicer Dicer Saves Time

4. Safety

Nicer Dicer comes with a protective hand-holder; so, its super sharp blades cannot cut your hands, something which happens to you almost every time when you use knives.

5. Innovative Design

The slicer also comes in an innovative design with a special container with lid which facilitates ease of use.

Nicer Dicer Innovative Design

6. Ease of Cleaning, Using and Storing

Nicer Dicer is easy to use, clean and store. It’s dishwasher safe, so, no need to clean it manually. Due to its compact size, it can be stored in a small space and even carried to camping and other trips where you can enjoy freshly cut salads and fruits with this slicer.

7. Offers Healthy Meals

Since this slicer is easy to clean, it’s absolutely hygienic to cut foods with it. Plus, you can freshly cut the fruits and veggies quickly. There is no need to keep them cut so as to save time. This retains all the valuable nutrients in the foods. So, you can cook healthy meals for you and your family and guests.

So, when are you planning to buy this useful and versatile Nicer Dicer?