Danisa Butter Cookies – Get Lost in the Heaven of Royal Taste

Their crisp texture makes butter cookies to be considered as another form of crunchy cakes. Popularly referred to as sables, brysslkex and Danish biscuits, these light-tasting snacks were previously served usually for the European nobility on special days, such as Christmas, in many European countries as well as North America.

Unlike other types of cakes, butter cookies are made from wheat flour, butter and sugar. Yeast and flavorings are not added, but only chocolate and vanilla. They are often prepared in a variety of shapes like squares, oval, cubic, flat, round and circular.

Nowadays, since these cookies have a high demand around the world, many companies are eager to prepare more Danish butter cookies as per authentic recipes, that have been passed down for generations, and using the best quality ingredients. One of the most renowned Danish butter cookies brand today is Danisa.

Danisa produces the finest range of delicious cookies, made with a keen attention to details that tickle your taste buds to make you realize what the Royal Taste is.

Danisa has delighted the taste buds of foodies for decades in more than 60 countries and today is a market leader in Asia. The world-famous Danisa Butter Cookies are being produced taken inspiration from the traditional treats relished by the European nobilities. They were produced from an authentic Danish recipe passed down from generation to generation of expert bakers.

Danisa is managed by Danish Specialty Foods Aps registered in the Danish capital Copenhagen. Danish Specialty Foods Aps is keen to maintain the consistency of using the authentic Danish recipe for the production of the cookies. At present, Danisa is continuously delighting the choosy palates of consumers on a global basis and is considered as a symbol of honor, celebration and luxury.

Their timeless Butter Cookies Recipe, unmatched skills and consistency have made Danisa Butter Cookies one the most coveted treats in the world. It starts with timeless recipes, topnotch ingredients and the passion for perfection achieved through keen attention to details. The production starts with choosing the highest quality butter and milk. Next every natural ingredient is accurately measured against stringent standards. The flavor and richness of the dough thus prepared is carefully checked by their master bakers.

Once the master bakers approve the dough, the butter cookies pass through a number of zones of oven to be made into the perfect buttery, crisp, golden brown cookies. The resultant product of this intricate process can then be tasted in a variety of forms, like Harvest Moon, Sugar Slice, Currant Crunch, Vanilla Ring or Butter Pretzel, with a taste that no other product can match.

Traditional Butter Cookies: Made from the highest quality of milk, butter and all natural ingredients

Choco Cashew Butter Cookies: Having the goodness of cashew nuts, these cookies are smooth and crunchy at the same time.

Currant Butter Cookies: Added with the fresh currants, these cookies deliver a perfect sweet and sour flavor.

Choco Filled Butter Cookies: Highest grade of milk, butter and natural ingredients combined with rich chocolate

Pineapple Filled Butter Cookies: An irresistible taste created from the finest quality pineapple filling that melts in your mouth.

So, have you started licking your lips? If you are, bring home these treats and get lost in the heaven of royal taste!