ROTO-Q 360 – Throw a Truly Fun Barbecue Party Anytime, Anywhere

We all love barbecued meat. Anyone who eats barbecued meat will hardly find meat in any other form tastier. It’s because barbecue takes the flavors in the meat to the next level. Thus the meat becomes actually much more delicious and juicier than meat cooked with any other method. Roasting includes seasoning the meat due to which the seasoning enters the meat and mixes with the juices within the meat. The process of roasting then holds all its juices within and with the entire surface covered with various yummy spices, it becomes much tastier than any other form of meat.

But like every good thing, roasted meat asks for your effort. To make the food unforgettably flavorful, you need to do some hard work. To ensure the meat is roasted properly, you have to keep a keen eye on it and see to it that it’s roasted from all sides for which you have to turn its sides every now and then. It’s because if you fail to do so, some part of the chicken may remain uncooked, spoiling the taste. At the same time, you’ve to also avoid over-roasting which can spoil the taste too. This is obviously a bit stressful. But now, no more hassle and no stress of the food remaining uncooked or over-roasted – thanks to ROTO-Q 360: World’s First Non-Electric Self-Rotating Rotisserie which allows you to Cook Smart and Eat Smart!! With this appliance, you can rest assured that your chicken will be evenly roasted, offering you and your guests its optimum flavor.

Designed by Susie Wen, the ROTO-Q 360 is an innovative and creative cooking device. It’s a revolutionary appliance that makes barbecuing much easier and faster than ever. Wen is the mastermind behind many popular kitchen appliances including Power Cooker, Montel Williams Health Master Elite and Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer.

ROTO-Q 360

Healthier Food in Less Time

ROTO-Q 360 cooks healthier food for you cutting down the fat content by 90%. In today’s age when saturated fat seems to be a health hazard, this can be a boon to you. Despite containing less fat, the food cooked on ROTO-Q 360 is extremely delicious competing with that in a 5-star hotel, which is cooked and made tasty with a lot of oil and grease. Meat cooked with ROTO-Q 360 contains very less fat because when the food turns, surplus fats and grease drip down into the tray below and you get awesome golden-brown tender crisp, juicy chicken. If you are looking for health along with taste, ROTO-Q 360 is a perfect appliance for you.

Plus, the device cuts down your preparation time by 30%. Since the device starts and keeps rotating automatically as soon as you run it, the meat is roasted evenly from all sides. So, you can make food fast. You can use this additional time for doing other tasks or chatting with your guests.

Minimizes Efforts and Stress

As mentioned earlier, the ROTO-Q 360 is a self-rotating device which automates the rotisserie process. Also, it doesn’t require any power to rotate. Thus it minimizes your efforts and stress of keeping the meat turning from side to side because the food automatically keeps turning (rotating) and gets roasted from all sides. You just have to set the device, turn it on and leave it – it will do its job. As it doesn’t need any power or fuel, you don’t need to worry if it will stop rotating in between due to lack of power or fuel. This eliminates the need to keep tanks full or any device charged. This reduces another cause of stress for you. It fits in an oven, fire pit or barbecue grill of any size as it’s compact-sized and is foldable.

Thus while ROTO-Q 360 is cooking your food, you can enjoy chatting with your friends and family and don’t need to turn to your grill or oven again and again to see if the food is being cooked properly or not. And after all, as a host, you have the right to enjoy the party and not only get stressed out with the thought of food, right? ROTO-Q 360 will give you that enjoyment.


ROTO-Q360 is ultimate in rotisserie convenience because you can have your delicious roasted food any time anywhere. Once you start using this appliance, you’ll be amazed to see how it reduces your hassle. You can cook all your traditional dishes with it and if you want to try any new dishes, you can do that too. So, you have an increased scope of showing off your culinary skills to your near and dear ones.

Whether you want to have the roasted food at home or in your yard or at a campsite, you can do so with ROTO-Q360. The entire unit of ROTO-Q 360 weighs just 2.5 kg; so, you can carry it with you anywhere. You can fit it into any gas/charcoal barbecue grill, fire pit, or oven and cook smart and eat smart! Can you imagine, you can now have a barbecue party at home, yard or during camping without any stress and worry of whether the meat would be perfect or not. Be sure that you’re going to have a great taste every time.

Saves Space

ROTO-Q 360 can be folded and stored in a small space. This may be a big plus point for those who have small kitchens.

Eco-friendly and Durable

Another factor that we all are concerned about is the health of our environment. ROTO-Q360 exceeds your expectations here too because it is absolutely free from plastic. It’s made of recyclable materials. Plus it has been made to last. You can use it for years to come.

Ease of Cleaning

One more hassle and stress of a home chef and host of the party is the after-party cleanup. But with ROTO-Q 360, cleanup is a breeze. This device is extremely easy to clean. All its components can be detached and washed easily. It’s dishwasher-safe too. Thus, your clean-up time is significantly reduced.

We are sure that you’re excited with the thought of throwing a barbecue party with ROTO-Q 360. So, when are you bringing it home?