Vacuum Sealer – What Should You Use it For?

If you’ve ever owned a vacuum sealer, you wouldn’t be able to imagine your kitchen without it. Although I’m exaggerating a little bit, it’s true that a vacuum sealer can’t be beat for extending the life of products. I’ve used one for many years now (check out Foodsaver reviews) and I’m more than satisfied with it! Here are some of the most incredible things a vacuum sealer can do and I’m sharing them with you only to highlight some of the major uses of this kitchen tool!

Food Storage – Most people use their vacuum sealers for fresh frozen produce such as green beans, blueberries, peppers, broccoli, peas and almost everything else! My tip is to freeze the produce on a sheet pan and to pack into recipe/meal size bags and then seal. This way, your frozen food won’t be all clumped in one big frozen block, but you’ll be able to pour out just as much as you need it at the time. Meal size portions of leftovers can be sealed up and used for a quick meal when you simply don’t have enough time or energy to cook. In addition, vacuum sealed bags take up less space in the freezer! A vacuum sealer is also incredible for extending the shelf life of dry goods such as spices, herbs, dried fruits and even sugar and flour.

Corrosion Protection – Do you have fine silver cutlery but you hate to use it because it requires a lot of time polishing? Vacuum sealers can be used to protect the shine of your fine silver and ammunition, because moisture exposure and air corrode and tarnish metals over time. Before sealing, wrap your cutlery in a thick paper or cloth, so that the sharp knife edges and fork tines do not puncture the bag.

Reseal – Clothespins and chip clips are good to keep bag contents from spilling, but they won’t do much about keeping the bag contents fresh. If you want to keep your crackers crunchy, vacuum sealer is the perfect solution.

So, I’m pretty sure you realize now why I don’t want to imagine my home without a vacuum sealer. I do warn you – once you try it, you’ll become an addict, too!