Six Reasons to Always Keep a Frozen Dinner in Your Freezer

"Woman-looking-in-freezer"What do you have in your freezer? If all you have is frozen raw meat and bags of vegetables, you don’t have enough. You should always, ALWAYS, have at least one frozen dinner in your freezer. Don’t believe me? Here’s why.

Uninvited Guests

We all know the feeling – that feeling of terror when your doorbell rings unexpectedly and you look out the window only to see an uninvited guest (or two, or more). As you hesitate to open the door, lots of thoughts go through your mind. “I’m in my pajamas! Does my hair look okay? My house is a mess! Do I have anything to offer them?” A frozen dinner won’t instantly make you look presentable, but it will, at the very least, give you something to feed your surprise visitors.

Your Terrible Cooking

Maybe you’re not a whiz in the kitchen, or maybe you’re having a really off day. Once in a while, you might end up with a smoky kitchen and a black pile of charred dinner remains. When that happens, you need to get over your frustration and think of something else quick. There’s no time to start over, and your family is hungry. Luckily, you have a frozen dinner on-hand so no one will starve tonight.

Insatiable Children

If you have kids, you know how hungry they are. All. The. Time. It’s true what they say, “They can eat you out of house and home.” Sometimes, you think you’ve made a big enough dinner, but you begin to run out of food after Junior’s fifth helping. Other times, just as you’re finishing cleaning up the dishes you’ll hear a little voice behind you say, “Mom, I’m hungry.” Instead of directing them to the nearest box of cereal, you can pull out a frozen meal and feed them a real dinner – again.

Picky Eaters

You can’t please everyone. Isn’t that the truth? When you’re feeding a group of people, whether it’s your own family or dinner guests, you’re contending with a lot of different tastes. It’s not always advisable – or possible – to cater to everyone’s personal preferences. If you run into a really stubborn person, however, on a particularly difficult day, it’s often easier to just warm up another dinner.

Schedule Changes

Have your dinner plans ever prevented you from being spontaneous? Has a change-of-plans ever caused you or your kids to only have time for a snack bar while driving? Don’t let sudden schedule changes get in your way of a proper meal. With a frozen dinner in your freezer, it will be feasible for you to eat dinner AND make it to a rescheduled soccer practice or an impromptu play date.


Perhaps the most compelling reason to always keep a frozen dinner in your freezer is that sometimes you just get lazy. You don’t want to cook, but you’re hungry. You want real food – a hot meal – but you just don’t want to make the effort. A frozen dinner will allow you to eat well while also expending as little energy as possible. Don’t feel bad about being lazy. Go ahead – just heat it up.

Jennifer Hawkins is a professional chef and dedicated mother who loves to educate others on the best ways to serve quick, healthy meals. She loves to write and often covers diet and how to eat well for less.