6 Awesome Malaysian Foods

From time to time, we discuss some of the world’s best cuisines on Joy Turner. This time we are trying to discover one more amazing flavor for our foodie readers and it’s Malaysian cuisine. You can easily understand that Malaysian cuisine is one of the most flavorful cuisines in the world, given its diversity that comes from the inclusion of various vegetables, meats and spices in the food, and local as well as foreign influence. If you want something offbeat in your event, you should try Malaysian cuisine. Here are top 6 Malaysian dishes that you must try for a great gustatory experience.

1. Malaysian ABC Soup

The ABC soup is a great start for a hearty meal coming ahead because its carrots and potatoes help stave off hunger. The soup clears the palate and the gentle aroma of peppercorn accentuates the flavor of the meal.

2. Chicken Satay

These are extremely delicious finger foods. Don’t forget to serve satay sauce alongside.

If you have no plans of barbecue during your party, cook satay in advance. Keep them covered with a foil so as to save them from becoming dry and preferably leave them in the oven on the lowest temperature. Another tip to keep them soft is to fill a bowl with water and oven-safe coriander and put it aside the satays in the oven.

3. Butter Crabs

A whole crab will definitely enhance the look of your dining table, making it appealing. This is a dish of Malaysian mud crab, added with chili, butter and curry leaves.

4. Sambal Fish

Sambal fish is simple to make and most guests like its sweet and spicy sauce. If some of your guests or children cannot bear spicy food, serve them a piece of fish without sambal sauce.

5. Tamarind Prawn

This easy to make starter is made with only five ingredients, prawns, tamarind, salt, sugar and oil. Peel off prawns and marinate them with tamarind, salt and sugar for half an hour. Then pan-fry them.

6. Sambal Timun

Sambal timun is an amazing Malaysian side dish. Its unique taste of sambal belacan will evoke the memories of those who have visited the Orient and tasted its food’s spiciness. This is also great for your guests who don’t like spices, as this is the non-spicy variation of sambal belacan. Slice a cucumber and add half teaspoon each of sugar and salt to it. You can also add thin slices of a small onion, if you like. Also add a teaspoon of lime juice, mix well and garnish with fresh coriander leaves.

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