Auckland Cuisine – Fresh, Succulent, Diverse and Delicious

The vibrant, colorful and dazzling Auckland is the largest urban area of New Zealand and what is awesome about the people here that they are ardent foodies! Their food is fresh, diverse and scrumptious and Gobble.co.nz, a website where you will get all the specialties of Catering Auckland, will make you realize that. Here are some of their mouthwatering dishes!

Amazing Platters and Buffets

Gobble’s specialty is they make your any event hit with fresh platters, finger foods, canapés and buffet. Just reading some names of their dishes will tickle your taste buds. Some of them are Honey and Soy Chicken Nibbles, Cajun Chicken, Salt and Pepper Squid, Lamb Kofta, Asian Noodle Balls and more.

Their platters include Fisherman’s Feast, Breads and Spreads, Luxury Sizzling Savoury Platter, Asian Express Platter, Gluten-free Savoury Selection, St. Patrick’s Day Platter, Antipasto Platter and many more. They contain garden fresh veggies, homemade dips, breads and crisps!

They have country-based themes too like Irish Themed Treat (Mini Beef and Guinness Pies, Leprechaun Cupcakes, Mini Lamb Burgers and so on and on…) and Asian Express (Chicken Skewers, Spring Rolls, Noodle Balls, Steamed Prawn Dumplings and many more).

Asian express Auckland catering at Gobble


Perched ashore the Pacific Ocean’s Hauraki Gulf, Auckland is the best place to taste some of the most delicious seafood. Gobble serves amazing seafood dishes including Garlic Prawn Skewers, Seafood Sauce, Smoked Salmon, and many more!

Roast Lamb

Roast lamb is Kiwis’ favorite and so, they make it with great passion and it becomes a must-try. Lamb of New Zealand is famous throughout the world and one of the top export meats of the country. It is usually enjoyed with a miscellany of seasonal vegetables and rosemary.

Does Auckland Cuisine Feature Only Meat?

Not at all! As told earlier, Auckland cuisine is diverse and contains fresh olives, crunchy vegetables, fresh soft yummy breads and European cheese. Gobble serves you a feast for your taste buds with this diversity in their cuisine along with fresh deli meats. To add a special touch, they also serve a variety of homemade spreads.

Maori Hangi

Coming back to meat, when in New Zealand, you can’t afford to miss Maori Hangi. This is a traditional cooking method popular for over 2000 years. Foods like mutton, chicken, pork and a variety of veggies are cooked in a hangi. And if you book a Maori cultural experience you will enjoy it even more and will be served a yummy hangi-steamed pudding.

So, don’t miss these flavors of Auckland and Gobble will make your gastronomic experience even more colorful with their amazing fare; so, don’t forget to try them.

antipasto platter at Gobble