Extremely Delicious and Wholesome Southern Italian Cuisine

As such Italy is very beautiful. But especially Southern Italy is the most interesting, mainly because of its contrast. This contrast is prominently visible in the Southern Italian cuisine because it contains a lot of dishes of the poor containing greens and pasta or bread, and at the same time, it contains extremely luxurious diet of the wealthy.

Alessandra’s Food is Love is about the Southern Italian cuisine and a lot of other cuisines where master chef Alessandra presents videos of premium dishes from South Italy and other countries. Let’s get introduced to the amazing Southern Italian cuisine region-by-region.


One of the best-known in the world, Campania cuisine is the most refined and elegant cuisines of Italy. Some prominent highlights of Campania’s cuisine are eggplant parmesan, lasagna with ricotta, pastiera Napoletana, struffoli, carne alla pizzaiola and Italian wedding soup. Don’t miss the Eggplant Parmigiana recipe and struffoli recipe by Alessandra.


Famous for its rugged mountains and valleys, the Abruzzo region presents a very delicious peasant cuisine which is simple and nutritious and mainly contains lamb, mutton, pork, olive oil, goat’s milk cheese, pecorino, hot peppers, wines and saffron.


Calabrian cuisine is one of the most balanced and healthiest Italian cuisines because it’s a great combination of meat- and vegetable-based dishes and fish, cooked with richly fragrant mountain herbs. Swordfish, eggplant, lamb and pork are the main ingredients in this cuisine. Since the climate of the region is hot and dry, a tradition of preserving food is common here. Meats and vegetables are packed in oil, while in coastal region fish are also cured. The region is also famous for some of its spiciest foods, like ‘nduja, a spicy, soft fresh salumi.

Puglia (Apulia)

In Puglia, you can see endless olive groves. Naturally olive oil is a major ingredient in the cuisine of Puglia. Also grains and cereals occur prominently in the cooking, some of which turn to pasta-Puglia, particularly known for orecchiette or ear-shaped pasta, and some turn to bread. The town of Altamura is known for its amazing bread.


On the contrary to the wrong assumption that seafood may be the main ingredient in the Basilicata cuisine, the cuisine actually contains fresh meats and seasonal vegetables. The reason for this is that though the region has an amazingly stretched coastline, due to the fear of raiders and colonists, the residents, known as Lucani, moved inland to the highlands. A long, smooth-sided sausage called luganega, dating back to the ancient Roman times, is the specialty of this region.

You can make the extremely delicious Southern Italian dishes with the help of Alessandra’s videos, along with other famous dishes like chicken tikka masala, chicken biryani and aloo keema matar beef and potato curry. Bon appetite!